Fotolia Renaissane Skin CareMelbourne’s WINTER is definitely HERE and it’s a great time of year to restore and repair the effects of our Australian environment on our facial skin. Our summer complexion has faded into a distant memory and many of us are feeling ‘out of shape’ and in need of a little mid-winter ‘pick-me-up’

We at Renaissance Skin Care are here to help knowing SPRING is just around the corner.

A subtle change such as turning up the corners of a sad-looking, down-turned mouth or smoothing out worried lines, adding a little volume can do wonders for your appearance and confidence.

“The relatively low-cost, safeness and convenience of treatments such as dermal fillers and wrinkle erasers have resulted in an ever-increasing number of happy customers who look and feel more refreshed and confident at our practice.

More often than not, winter seems to be a time when we notice changes in our facial expressions and look to possible solutions.

Shrinking facial fat pads, thinning of facial skin, muscle and bone wastage are responsible for changes in our appearance that rob us of our familiar, unique identity and categorise us as looking typically ‘old’.

“Most of our clients, even the ones who have had fillers previously, do not realise that there are different forms of filler.

Dermal fillers are made of hyaluronic acid and come in a whole array of strengths with degrees of firmness and softness and with different consistencies for lifting abilities. For example, there are different types to lift the cheekbone or emphasise the chin, and others to get rid of a crease or super fine line, and some simply boost the hydration levels in the skin. Not one filler does everything. To get the most natural effect you have to use a variety to treat the various skins concerns. As little as 1ml of dermal filler can restore a beautifully defined lip edge or minimise smokers’ lines.

We believe that clients want to present themselves in their best ‘light’ as long as is reasonably possible, but without resorting to surgical procedures deemed invasive.

Our dermal fillers supplied from Galderma and Allergan are made from products that replicate our own stores of naturally occurring hyaluronic acid which increase hydration of skin leading to increased supplies of naturally-occurring collagen and elastin.

If you’re interested in a complimentary, confidential consultation with Kas to discuss how these safe and affordable treatments may benefit you, please contact our rooms on 8768 5000 or email

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