Our skin begins to change with the onset of colder weather as winter sets in, your skin can get quite sensitive, feel dry, itchy and become very vulnerable. When you factor in constant temperature and humidity changes as you move in from outdoor to indoor and the stress of #ISO and being quarantined with Covid-19, most of us end up with tired-looking faces and feeling very unattractive.

This is why winter and cold weather are an ideal time of year to devote special attention to our skincare.

Choosing the right treatment

As hectic as things can be right now, it’s important not to skip your monthly facials (home masks are an excellent idea) as this is the best way to prevent your current issues from escalating and new ones from appearing. The right facial treatment will restore your skin’s moisture and boost its circulation and it will leave it looking glowing and rejuvenated. Whether you opt for simple exfoliation, a chemical peel or dermabrasion, you’ll be doing your skin and yourself a huge favour!

✅ Exfoliation

✅ Hydrate 

✅ Chemical peel

✅ Micro-Needling or dermabrasion

We know that quarantine has been a time for you to upgrade your beauty regimens and let your skin breathe and rejuvenate.  It’s typical for skin to lose hydration as temperatures drop due to evaporation. This leaves skin feeling dry and flaky even if you moisturise regularly. Regular facial treatments can reverse these effects and give your skin the protection it needs, from deep cleansing to restoring its hydration and improving circulation. All you need to do is be gentle with yourself and your skin and continue to shine throughout cold winter days!

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