The AES SocietyKas @ Renaisance Skin Care has seen a steady growth in non invasive injectable treatment at her practice.”Because people use social media so much these days, whether sharing photos on Facebook/Instagram and Snap Chat, using online dating websites, or even attending work-related virtual meetings, they are more self-conscious about their appearances than ever before, anti wrinkle injections are now particularly popular with men also in this competitive world, white-collar jobs — business, law, media; the sorts of careers where appearances matter.” Kas Hollingsworth says.

Still, the majority of patients seeking anti-aging treatments opt for injectable procedures. The popularity of anti ageing injections and dermal fillers such as JUVÉDERM® and Restylane® continues to steadily climb, with newer fillers formulated for specific areas of the face coming to the market in the past few years. These include VOLUMA® and VOLBELLA®, both from JUVÉDERM.

“The advantage of injectable treatments and other nonsurgical procedures is that you can see results almost immediately without having to recover from surgery,” Kas Hollingsworth says.

VOLUMA, which restores volume to the cheeks, and VOLBELLA, a lip augmentation filler were greeted with quite a bit of excitement in our rooms.

Women and men travel a far from Phillip Island, Bellarine Peninsula, Essendon, Mornington Peninsula and surrounding areas to visit Kas at her practice for nonsurgical facial rejuvenation treatments. In fact, men now make up about 14% of her patients. Kas says that some people believe injectable procedures seem quick and easy, so they don’t really consider the qualifications of the person doing the injections.”That’s unfortunate because, even though injectable fillers and anti ageing injections have excellent track records for safety, you may end up with unsatisfactory results,” Kas explains.

Kas has been injecting for over 15 years and has just recently returned from The Aesthetic Meeting in San Diego USA and this weekend heads off again to Sydney for a 3 day extensive training workshop with Allergan. Only a selected few injectors within Australia are invited to this event.

Ongoing training is imperative, an understanding of facial anatomy is crucial which enables us to inject fillers and anti ageing treatments with the precision necessary to produce consistently good results. “There are more facial rejuvenation options than ever,” Kas Hollingsworth explains. “Having options is great, but it’s important to remember that only a facelift can provide the long-lasting, dramatic results that many patients want.” Our practice aligns itself with Mr Tim Brown Plastic Surgeon who specialises in breast augmentation, face lifts & tummy tuck surgery.

The future of cosmetic aesthetics is CONTINUALLY evolving and we at Renaissance Skin Care look forward to evolving with it, delivering the best results.

If you interested in treatment, please contact our rooms on 03 8768 5000.

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