Cosmetic Injections are very safe when they are administered in the right hands and the correct product is used in the correct depth of the face.


Don’t be shy, ask away. Who is actually administering the treatment? What is their experience and qualifications. Someone who is well trained knows that if the patient has had a complication they are able to address it or more importantly recognise trouble before its trouble and avoid complications all together. Even though, in the best of hands complications occur. 

A good injector will not work outside their scope of practice. An inexperienced or profit driven business may take on complex patients without the required skill set. 

What’s in it 

It’s important the product used is TGA approved. There are a lot of cheap products coming from abroad. Don’t hesitate to ask what product is being used. 


The location matters, injectables should only take place in a clinical medical environment for your safety. You should ensure that you have 24/7 contact details if any concerns or questions arise.

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