Which cosmetic procedures can help you look the “best version of you” this summer?

botox_94_renaissance-skin-careSo hello summer and goodbye rain is what we are all thinking right? As we enter late November early December and the essence of summer beckons what every woman and a lot of men I know have on her mind (and why not!) is “how can I look the best version of ME and enjoy my summer whilst looking and feeling fabulous?”
I would like to share with you the best 3 cosmetic procedures you can invest in which will give you quick and natural results just in time for the glorious Australian summer that lies ahead…
My Top 3 Cosmetic procedures to get you ready for summer 2016
1. Anti wrinkle injections for a relaxed youthful look: Wrinkle erasers are the most commonly performed cosmetic procedure performed worldwide. Wrinkle eraser injections are both safe and reversible and give you a relaxed refreshed appearance by smoothing out your facial lines and can subtly change the contour of your face if performed by an expert cosmetic injector.
The effects of anti wrinkle injections can be felt anywhere from 72 hours post treatment to up to 1-2 weeks after treatment. So if you have a special party or have lots of weddings to attend this summer get booked in for your “Tox” at least 4 weeks in advance.
2. Infusion peels for a fresh faced appearance: Now most of my patients and friends are frightened when the word “peel” is mentioned, and I totally understand why because the name is associated with a horrific image of a woman or man with a very red and sore face! (Remember Samantha from Sex and the City!) Peels can leave you with a freshened appearance and take away those dark spots on your face. They can also help with break outs (acne spots) and well worth investing in for that fresh-faced look for a summer party. You must remember to wear lots of sunscreen afterwards though to prevent re-pigmentation.
3. Dermal fillers for that lifted appearance and great facial contours: There are a multitude of fillers available in the Australia and many people are doing them. When fillers are done well the results are subtle and will add contours to your face in a natural and elegant way leaving you with a naturally lifted appearance. So whether it is your cheeks, jawline or your lips you’re looking to enhance this summer, getting the right filler with the right injector i.e. a person who understands facial anatomy(therefore avoiding complications) will give you the look you’ve always wanted!
The above cosmetic procedures are designed for enhancement of the beauty you already have. The most important thing to remember is to do your research and choose a clinic not based on price alone, ask them as many questions as necessary for you to feel safe in their hands and ensure you are in well trained i.e. expert hands at all times.
If you have any questions or queries please don’t hesitate to send me an email: kas@timbrown.com.au

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