I was worried about having (wrinkle relaxers), yet when I finally made that call after doing my

homework, I was put at ease. Kas works with a plastic surgeon – Mr Tim Brown, and they

were both really nice and down to earth. She is a ‘less is more’ injector, and i really liked that.

But, she is busy. I had to wait 2 weeks to see her, but i can assure you, it was worth it. I know

you will want treatment straight away, but wait for an appointment to see her – it’s worth it.

Tess McMahon ( google review)


“I spent over three months researching cosmetic injectors for (wrinkle relaxers) which I

eventually whittled down to 2, which I met in person. Kas Hollingsworth was the only cosmetic

injector who did not take the pushy, car salesman approach. She listened intently, answered

all of my questions, and provided me with a sense of calm amid a nerve racking decision of

having injections. Her staff is also amazing, thorough, and incredibly professional from the

first visit to the final check-in. My results were better than I could have ever imagined, and I

have Kas and Mr Tim Brown to thank. Mr Brown is a kind person and a very talented plastic

surgeon, a simple stand out are these two. Would highly recommend both Kas and Tim.-

Thank you so much.”

Lesley ( whatclinic review)


Kas Hollingsworth is the real deal. Hands down, one of the best I ever had the pleasure to

meet. She did such a great job on my crows feet and lines in my forehead. Spent so much

money going to other practices in the past few years without results. Don’t waste your time

and money with unprofessionals. Thank you Mr Tim Brown and especially you Kas for

restoring my confidence again

Ali Cee (google review)


I will NEVER go anywhere else!. I am fairly new to Melbourne living in Sydney for many years

and was recommended to see Kas by a friend. I have never had such great results with

(wrinkle relaxers) previously – but I think her technique or dilution must be better, and I just

tried a little Perlane for the first time- I love it. Kas Hollingsworth is a consummate

professional with the knowledge and skills to back up her outstanding judgments- its not over

done. She is gentle and takes her time both before and after any procedure to be sure that

her clients are comfortable and all questions are answered. Kas’s follow up and genuine

interest in clients is certainly appreciated – this kind of service is hard to find here in

Melbourne I could not be happier! I’m happy to take the drive to Berwick to her rooms.

Janine Tripp (google review)


I had the (wrinkle relaxers) on the same day that I had Restylane Filler injections. If I

remember correctly I had 30 units and .5ml of filler. The injections were not too bad and Kas

was very reassuring and quick. I love it! I think that I am going to tackle those lines on my

forehead next, probably around the same time that I “re-up” between the brows. Overall, I am

very happy! girl, I’m glad I went and saw Kas- she’s unreal.

Annie ( womow.com.au review)


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