Here’s how to look your best during the coronavirus pandemic.

❓ I’m overdue for more anti wrinkle injections and dermal fillers, help! 

❓What do you suggest I do until this Covid-19 virus is over?

Here’s what I suggest to continue to look good and stay both physically and mentally healthy…. 

Try to create healthy routines while you’re at home during quarantine. Wine 🍷can be included, but drinking should be controlled because it does dehydrate your skin and makes you look older if you overdo it.

Instead, drink plenty of water🚰, take vitamins and get into an exercise 🏃‍♀️ routine. This is probably the only time in your life that you have a good excuse to exercise as you have no where else to go!  You should walk, run or bike ride, making sure that you include the 1.5m distance to comply for social distancing.

Skin care is very important at this time. Use the products that will work, like glycolic acids and vitamin A. Make sure your ingredient are active.  

When you are exercising outside, make sure you put sunscreen 🧴 on. I put on my sunscreen protection so that my skin doesn’t burn (even in these colder months wind burn can cause the same damage).

Please keep up to date with our social media platforms, elective surgery is still on hold but we may see this amended shortly.

I hope that we all get ‘back to normal’ soon . In the mean time, stay home and stay safe 🥰

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