Kas Hollingsworth National Cosmetic MedicineJust spent the last few days training in Sydney @ the Swissotel Sydney | 3-4 March 2017. Terrific event that had interactive pre-conference workshops and of course all the latest in the boutique trade shows. This conference was specifically tailored for the Australian cosmetic industry in Australia where it is booming. According to the latest figures, Australians spend more on cosmetic procedures per capita than Americans. Very educational with all the new lasers on the market, dermatology on acne was interesting and the injectable workshops outstanding.

Some of the training undertaken included:-

* Benefits of Collagen Stimulation with the Ellansé injectible products

* Achieving Facial Aesthetic Harmony with Hyaluronic Injectables

* Living with your looks: Recognising Body Dysmorphic Disorder in cosmetic practice

* Ageing gracefully is Obsolete – Dr Ronald Feiner on how beautiful natural outcomes are easier than a visit to the dentist

Always lots to learn in this ever changing cosmetic landscape, our approach is simple; research the best products available to provide the best possible results. If you interested in skin care treatment, please contact our rooms on 03 8768 5000.

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