Double Chin Renaissance Skin CareIt’s finally here, cosmetic anti wrinkle injections has been in the mainstream for many years in Australia and worldwide, many of our patients have been thrilled with the smoother, natural younger appearance our treatments provide.

In addition to fillers and cosmetic injections provided by our clinic, there is a new prescription medicine injection taking the cosmetic surgery world by storm. Belkyra (Kybella) is an absolute game changer for patients used in adults to improve the appearance and profile of moderate to severe fat below “submental fullness” known as the “double chin.”

With a few treatments, Belkyra (Kybella) can melt away the fat under the jawline and tighten the skin, creating a slimmer and more sculpted jawline.

Belkyra (Kybella) is a non-surgical injectable for reducing small, well-defined areas of fat under your chin. It is very well-studied and 10 years in the making. This treatment has been used widely throughout the USA market with success and now is available in Australia.

The injection contains a naturally occurring molecule called deoxycholic acid. Its job in the body is to aid in digestion by breaking down fat. When injected into the fat beneath your chin, Belkyra (Kybella) causes the destruction of fat cells. Like with a mini liposuction, once destroyed, those cells are gone for good and don’t come back.

A Belkyra (Kybella) treatment consists of a bunch of small injections at one time. Most patients experience visible improvement in their chin contour with two to four treatment sessions spaced at least one month apart. The most common side effect is swelling, which subsides as the patient eliminates the cells through natural process. Kybella, best serves a patient where the neck fat is mostly concentrated in the smaller area directly under the chin.

“We are pleased to add Belkyra (Kybella) to the Renaissance Skin Care line up of anti aging treatments, we are super excited to be offering this new treatment suitable for both male and female adults. Patients can be treated for chin fullness, whether they have just a little bit of extra fat, or more than that.” say Kas Hollingsworth, who heads up the practice.

Belkyra (Kybella) has officially been approved in Australia for removal of fat under the chin. We expect that the treatment will be available from February 18th 2017.

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