renaissance_8-copy_1Choice of filler product is equally important as injection technique.

Many of the fillers available outside of Australia that have not been approved by the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency can have higher rates of complications due to contaminants.
APHRA approved fillers however, have a reliable safety profile, hence the reason we use products supplied by Galderma and Allergan.We recommend hyaluronic acids because of their versatility and excellent safety profiles. As hyaluronic acid is chemically identical across species, there is less chance of antigenicity.
We have also found through her practice and on going training here an overseas, hyaluronic acid’s makeup is similar to what is found in human anatomy and used for other treatments such as injecting into joints for arthritis patients, our patients seeking cosmetic treatments feel more comfortable with the product. It is also easy to dissolve in the case of complications.Whatever product is chosen, our practice advises that its entire profile should be considered, including the amount of cross linking and length of chains within the product, as this can affect inflammation and longevity of results.Regarding injection technique, the depth of injection depends on the area being augmented.
The optimal technique is also dependent on the type of augmentation. If the patient needs work to restructure the face, the injections should be deep. However, if the work being done is superficial, such as augmenting small creases or minor work around the nasolabial fold, be sure to only inject into the superficial layers. Aesthetics are important to me because it is my life and passion. To make a difference to women and men and to see their happiness is so rewarding.
Kas Hollingsworth RN

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