Fat Grafting

Fat GraftingIts in vogue for people in their thirties and forties to get fat injections in their faces that restore facial volume and also re-contour, shape and beautify patients using their own fat. Fat grafting is more effective than fillers and has a more permanent effect. The procedure is a complex process: fat must be harvested in such a way as to preserve the integrity of the fat cells. Concentration of the fat and washing the fat will also affect the results.

In this procedure, you can take fat from any part of the body and inject it into any part of the face which is sagging, it could be those droopy eyes or those out of shape cheeks, says Kas Hollingsworth. While fillers have to be repeated often within months, fat grafting is a good idea as it offers a more permanent solution and there are no side effects. As you age and lose volume in your face, the fat grafting procedure may have to be repeated.

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